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How come SnapChat app only gives users some seconds to few minutes to record video and upload it on their snapchat timeline?

Have you ever wondered why snapchat only gives users opportunity to record and upload videos just for few seconds to few minutes?

Do you think it is because of how the technology is designed?

The reason is because of storage issues. Snapchat was designed from day 1 to be a premium app where users pay to use the app, but later changed the approach as they could not get enough customers using this business model. Due to the change of snapchat to a free app, snapchat developer changed(reduce) the duration to record or upload a video so as to ensure all kind of users do not bombard and use up there storage system even though they are not paying any dime to use the app.

You can ask yourself, but I use snapchat free of charge, so, how does snapchat make money or get its profits?

Snapchat gets its profits from snapchats users that do or run advertisement to reach out to more snapchat users. That is the same business model that facebook, twitter uses. They make the app free for everybody, then give option for interested users to run ads so as to reach out to more facebook users.

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