Hello, Good day. I will be showing how to send bitcoin from coinbase. I have earlier written about 3 reasons you should be using coinbase to manage your bitcoin account, see the post here. Today, I will be illustrating how to send bitcoin from your coinbase wallet, request bitcoin via email from others and other related issues.

If you already have a bitcoin account on other bitcoin account manager like blockchain, luno, bitstamp etc you can still migrate your bitcoin into coinbase account. Also, if you are yet to have a bitcoin account, you simply create a bitcoin account on coinbase, and then buy bitcoin from others and you have successfully become part of bitcoin owners. Click here to create a bitcoin wallet via coinbase right now. It is super easy to create.

How to send bitcoin via coinbase app

1. From your coinbase bitcoin account, you can send bitcoin to other coinbase account or other bitcoin account like the one on blockchain, luno, bitstamp and others. To send to other bitcoin account, you will send the bitcoin via the “wallet address” of the account, and you will be charged transaction fees. If you are sending bitcoin via your coinbase to other other coinbase account, you can send it via email address of the other bitcoin account or via the “wallet address” of the bitcoin account. If you don’t want to be charged transaction fees to transfer because the other account uses coinbase, simply ask for the person’s email address, but if you use the wallet address, you may be charged transaction fees depending on the size of bitcoin(btc) you are sending.

2. You can send btc from your coinbase mobile app or from your mobile or computer browser. To download coinbase app, navigate to your “appstore” or “google playstore” and search for coinbase. Login, then click on “BTC Wallet”, then click on the “+” button at the bottom right side of the screen. See picture below: Click here to create a bitcoin wallet via coinbase right now. It is super easy to create.


then, click on “Send” to send btc to others. You can send it via email address(strictly for when you are sending btc to other coinbase account, and its free i.e no transaction fees) or via wallet address(both for other coinbase account or other bitcoin account manager). See picture illustration below: You will first input the amount you want to send whether in bitcoin or the dollars($) equivalent, then click ‘continue’, after which you will put email or wallet address. Click here to create a bitcoin wallet via coinbase right now. It is super easy to create.


To send to email, see picture illustration below:


To send via “wallet address”, see the illustration below: the transaction is auto-generated by the bitcoin system, after you have added the Note, and provided the wallet address.




How to request for bitcoin via coinbase app

You can also request for bitcoin via email address, you will simply input the senders email address, and coinbase send message to the person and will see the details of your request, then the person will decide to authorise your request or not. See picture illustration below: You will click on “Request”



In some countries, coinbase also created opportunity for its users to easily buy bitcoin right from their coinbase app. You can visit coinbase website here: https://www.coinbase.com

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Does coinbase pay miner fees?

It will also interest you to know about this information. It is written on the coinbase support section website, see the link here: https://support.coinbase.com/customer/portal/articles/815435-does-coinbase-pay-bitcoin-miner-fees-

In order to ensure that transactions are processed on digital currency networks, it’s best that all outgoing transactions to external digital currency addresses have a mining fee attached to it. This fee is paid to the digital currency miners, who process the transactions and secure the respective network.

Coinbase does not pay the network mining fee on behalf of customers for outgoing digital currency transactions.

The fee you pay for outgoing transactions is calculated dynamically at the time the transaction is created. This means that the fee may be higher or lower depending on the overall transaction volume currently on the digital currency network. The fees are displayed on the send confirmation screen. Please note that no portion of this fee goes to Coinbase.

Coinbase is proud to offer our customers fee-free transactions between Coinbase accounts! Any transactions sent between Coinbase customers by email address take place off-chain (not on the blockchain) at no cost.


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