Recently, Ray ‘Hushpuppi ‘ revealed on social media a credit alert sent by one of his friend, but Hushpuppi forgot to hide something; His email address ( The screenshot of the credit alert didn’t remove the email address that shows the credit alert notification. See the picture below:


A social engineering expert run some scan on the email address and was able to get some information about the email address in question. It was discovered the email address, is attached to a white personality that goes by the name Jane Woodscrane that is based in Houston, see the excerpts:

“Jane is 43 from sweden currently residing in Huston with an international legit connection in Malaysia, Canada, Philipines. I tracked a phone number down and placed a call to the number, lo&behold our so called hushpuppi which i prefer to call him (hushbingo) is a fraudster living with so many different identities……”

The email address above( was run through this email registry website and got some profile of a white woman. See other image evidence below:




According to the researcher, he concluded that Hushpuppi is an online scammer or fraudster that uses all kinds of anonymous identities on facebook, dating sites, etc to defraud unsuspecting people of their money.

Source: N.aira.lan-d forum


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