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It is no longer news that the ponzi website or money increasing platform popularly called GetHelpWorldwide or GHW xclusive or whatever it is called has crashed. Personally, I lost N80,000 naira after gaining like N40,000 naira after the first slight crash it had before jumping back with the new name GetHelpWorldwide Xclusive. Now, everything has crashed.

Please, take note of this: “Over every thing that you see around, human beings are behind them. If you will be hypnotised or believe or love blindly by any ideology or movement, be sure you know little about it.”

Ponzi schemes, website, platform whether MMM, GHW, UltimateCycler, Giverforums, HelpNaija, and lots more are not designed to last long. By default, the longer a ponzi site stays, the closer it crash will come. It can only stay for a shot period of time of say 3 months.

My advice is this: Shun ponzi sites, put your money into better things like investment, buying and selling, crypto-currency like bitcoin, develop your skills with your money and go look for job, or create job and so on.

Remain Blessed.