• Questra World is not donation exchange

  • Questra World is not 24-48hrs 100% ponzi

  • Questra World is not MLM Company


    Questra World Holdings

Questra World is a Company that is divided into 2 , which is Questra and Alantic Global Asset Management
Questra World is the division of the Company that deals with compensations plans and Atlantic Global Asset Management is the division that deals with Investments.

To further clarify,

Questra World is an advertisement broker of Atlantic Global Asset Management. On Questra World https://questraworld.es/ you can work with affiliate program and invite clientsto our company. And asset management services are provided on Atlantic Global Asset Management – https://private.atlanticgam.es/#/login
Don”t be confused, Questra World and Atlantic Global Asset Management it is kind of interwoven.
You register on Atlantic Global Asset Management , and login with those same login details also on Questra World.
Once you registered through the link above (I suggest you click on it first, it will open in a new tab} you sign in or login with same login details on both company websites.
Atlantic Global Asset Management – is an investment company that is registered, verifiable, and transparent to their clients and partners. Atlantic Global Asset Management used to only allow big companies and wealthy people to invest with them since 2009.
  • In 2013, Atlantic Global Asset Management they opened doors to individuals like you and I to invest with them as well.
  • In 2016, Atlantic Global Asset Management they bought an entire airline that was liquidating due to financial challenges.
Atlantic Global Asset Management Business Activities:
  • Conducts business on buying and selling debt obligations,
  • Buy shares from new companies,
  • Refinancing other companies and financial factoring.
  • Revamp liquidated companies, turn them around, make them work again, and make a profit.
  • Trade markets, make more profits and share it with their investors.

Questra World doesn’t offer any retail products or services but gives you the ability to join Atlantic Global Asset Management as an affiliate/Agent. As a Questra World Affiliate/Agent, you can earn referral commissions and bonuses from 5% up to 15% instantly.

If you shared your referral link with a client who bought a 90 Euros investment package from Atlantic Global Asset Management, you will instantly get 5% of 90 Euros. If they buy any investment package, you always get your commissions.

When you choose to Join this Wonderful Company you use Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM) for your investment which can be anything from minimum 90 USD or 90 euros depending which currency you want to use between the two (USD or Euro) and get paid 4-7% profit weekly every Friday.

Payments for an investment package are in Bitcoins, you have to order for an investment package under AGAM, then you will be given a Bitcoin wallet address, where you have to make your payment using your Bitcoin App. If you don’t have BTC, you can purchase one by visiting Coinbase or blockchain.

Your investment will be split into 25 units of investment giving you no chances of losing, rather you break even.

If you also like to partner and earn more, you can by becoming an agent or representative, you simple Login on Questra World now, with the same details you using on Atlantic.. take your referral link and start sharing this great opportunity, earn instant commissions.

There are no special requirements

When You share this opportunity You will be paid 5-15% Commissions instant commissions, 5-15% of whatever your prospects will be investing.

Partnership Bonuses are Unlimited

There are Also Cash Rewards Ranging from 1000 Euro to
1 000 000 Euro

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