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Some people just delight in attacking churches, men of God, various spiritual clerics and religious organizations. In Nigeria, one popular person that does this is “Daddy Freeze” the On Air Personality(OAP) at cool fm lagos. I just mentioned his name, but I know that thousands of people love to attack christianity on a daily basis at any slightest instance. In this writeup, I will be highlighting features of those that love to attack churches, men of God, religious organizations so that you will understand their motives, why they do what they do and lots more.

1. Low thinkers

Those that love attacking churches are actually very low thinkers. The reason is simple; they do not think of the role churches, pastors, religious organization is playing in the life of people.

2. They have something else to sell

Those that love attacking churches have something else they are preaching or teaching. They may come directly or indirectly. Some are selling Atheism(believing that God doesn’t exist), fake living, drug living, diabolical activities and lots more.

3. Selfish(responsible only for themselves)

Those that love attacking churches are very selfish people that think only about themselves and are only responsible for themselves alone. They don’t have people that depend on them or look up to them to be taken care of. They are people that love to play everything safe in life.

4. Lack spirituality

Those that love attacking churches lack spirituality or have low understanding of spirituality. They are people that have achieved something in life though it is majorly from physical point of view. They don’t believe spirituality. But they are liars, there is spiritual dimension to life that is beyond human comprehension or understanding. It is where reasoning stops that spirituality starts from. Have you wondered why some people are gifted with the ability to see things yet to come or that has happened to others in the past? can reasoning do that?

5. They are lonely people

Those that love attacking churches are very lonely people. One of the way they can feel among or feel surrounded or important is by attacking people, churches, men of God, pastors especially via social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram and so on.

Among all these attackers, how many of them have achieved what people like David Oyedepo, Adeboye, Pastor Chris, and so on have achieved? Think about this things.


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