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Almost all NYSC members can relate with this kind of situation when  you are almost finishing the service year. You will be in a situation of starting your own life outside your usual family house, or simply going back to your family house and continue eating mummy’s food and sleeping on the family bed. More than 60% of those that finish the NYSC programme have this experience and decide to go back home instead of launching into life immediately.

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In this writeup, I will be highlighting various reasons you should go and start up your own life outside your usual family house.

1. To be at your full capacity

If you want to function at your full capacity, you got to go start something with your life on your own and it does not mean you are disconnecting yourself from family members or loved ones. When you do this, you will have a lot of things like time, thoughts, actions, schedules, ingenuity at your command. Not like when you are at your papa or mama house and you still dey follow their own timetable. WAKE UP!

2. To avoid disrespect and provocation from family members

When you go start your own life outside your usual family house, you will avoid disrespect from family members. When you just sit around in the family house, people are just gonna be talk to you anyhow, treat you anyhow, and so on, after all, nothing meaningful is really happening in your life. WAKE UP!

3. To start early in life

When you launch out and go face life in the real world after your service year, you are giving yourself the opportunity to start acheiving success early in life. When you sit home, and expect apple to fall on your laps, you are wasting a lot of time and shifting your opportunity to start getting success forward. How long would you shift your breakthrough to later date. WAKE UP!

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4. To achieve more under life pressure

Have you noticed this? When under pressure, humans tend to acheive unbelievable and remarkable progress and success. For example, if you got 6 hours of electricity in a day, you are likely to be more disciplined and acheive more than someone that got random hours of electricity of like 18 hours per day. When you go face the real world, you are putting yourself under pressure that make you unleash your creativity, opportunity, chances and your various latent energy. WAKE UP!

5. To avoid playing safe

Hiding in your parent’s house after NYSC programme is simply trying to play safe and running away from life reality. Whether you like it or not, life happens to everybody. When I say life happens to everybody, what I mean is that life will not give you what you deserve but what you demand out of life. Now, playing safe will not make life to be fair with you. You got to go get what you want out of life and the time is NOW. WAKE UP!


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