When we talk about Impression, what are we talking about?

Impression is the effect or feeling or impact you create on another person or group of people. It could be positive or negative or nothing. Those that create a “nothing” impression are those that do the usual thing everybody does to other people. Those that create “positive” impression are those that carefully make good or attractive impact on another person and such people will be in the good books of other people. Those that create “negative” impression are those that make wrong, repulsive or disdainful impact on another person.

This post highlights various ways to make impact on other people.

1. What you say

Ancient wisdom assert that there is power in what we say, whether positive or negative or anything. Words we say creates effect. If you want to make attractive impression on people, you must know how to use words to create this atmosphere and attraction. You must be able to fill a space in the life of other people with your words.

2. Your actions or body language

There is a popular saying that “Actions speaks louder than words”. Many times, someone can say something, but acts differently. Such people are quickly discovered as liars and not to be trusted. You must maintain an attitude or habit that act what they say.

3. Using story to explain or narrate an issue

When story is used to explain your point of view, it sticks and makes a lasting impression on those listening to you. Carefully select story or make story to tailor home your explanations.

4. Be emotional

Humans are emotional beings. Bloods flows in the veins of everybody. If you want to make impact on other people, you should know how to use emotions to do this. For example, a crying presenter may likely impact listeners than a presenter that isn’t crying even though they are trying to pass the same information.

5. Agreeing with peoples’ sentiments

We are all object of habits. Habits is what makes us humans. When people see that you align to what they hold as beliefs, habits, judgements, you will make impressions on the people.


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