It seems after the bitcoin hardfork(split of bitcoin into two BiTCoin BTC and BitCoin Cash BCC) of August 1, 2017, bitcoin price has continued to rise in an unprecedented manner.

Within the space of 9 days, bitcoin has rise by more than $1000 dollars. This is an unprecedented growth. As at August 4, 2017, bitcoin price was around $3000+ dollars but as at the time of my writing today 13th August, 2017(7:25am GMT+1), bitcoin price is a little above $4000 dollars.

bitcoin price rise to 4000 dollars plus 12 13th august 2017

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To existing holders of bitcoin, this means a lot in profits for them but for those that are yet to be part of bitcoin, it shows bitcoin is a place where you can invest your normal fiat paper currency and watch it continually rise. Imagine investing 100$ in bitcoin and within days, your investment has risen to $150 which you can sell to interested buyers and make profits of 50$. That is wonderful in my opinion. The thing is, the more you invest, the more your profits when it rises.

To start investing in bitcoin, what you will first do is to create a bitcoin wallet with any of the bitcoin wallet managers like coinbase, blockchain, luno and many more. I will personally advice you to use coinbase because it is cheaper to send and receive bitcoin via coinbase.

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