google security check question answer screen bypass in 3 choice made randomly

It can be boring when you are rushing to submit something on a website or google platform and something like the picture above pops up that you should make some selection before you can proceed to assure you are not a robot but human.

This security check is applied on various website, platforms to prevent unauthorized access mostly from computer program, robots that will just overwhelm a web server which prevents the rightful users to have access to the website.

Now, based on experience, you can easily bypass this security pop up by making some choice even if it is at random. The question is usually like this: pick cars, or house, front of store, road sign, road, street address,label, bicycle, cake, food, plate,color and so on then click on verify to get passed else, you will be stucked at that point.

What you simply do is this: You will make “3” random choice, and click on verify. The program written by google or machine language that is trained to answer the choice has been thought to answer whenever the user makes at least 3 choice, so next time, when you are faced with this menu, simply try to make 3 choice then click on verify.

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