how to use full picture as whatsapp profile pic without removing any part of the picture using mirrorpic app k

To some Whatsapp user that already know this trick or other trick to use to upload profile picture or Display Picture or DP in whatsapp, this tutorial is a walk over, but for those that still cut a portion of an image just to fit whatsapp image specification, this tutorial is definitely for you. I won’t waste your time at all.

Steps to Upload your full image as Whatsapp profile pic

1. Get ‘MirrorPic” app or any app that make you combine various picture to make 1 picture on the google playstore. The trick is simple, you simply select only the picture you want to use as DP, then save it via the mirrorpic app, then go and search for it on your phone image gallery, then set as “Whatsapp Profile pic”. You can search for “MirrorPic” app on Google playstore or click on this direct link that takes you to where you can download “MirrorPic” app:

I will assume you are using “MirrorPic” app else you can use other app that does same thing as “MirrorPic” app and use the idea I am sharing to achieve same thing.

2. Click on “Grid”

3. Select the single picture you want to use as your whatsapp profile pic, then click “confirm”. At this stage, you can do other things that you like on the picture, then, click “save and share”, then click “save”.

4. After doing the above successfully, navigate to your phone image gallery, you should see your new pic in the “MirrorPic” folder/gallery. Simply select it, and set as “Whatsapp Profile pic”. You would see that the picture fits in to the specification of whatsapp.



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