how much does linda ikeji make on google adsense

It is doubted if linda ikeji makes upto 300$ via google adsense on her blog monthly. No doubt, linda ikeji got traffic to her site on daily basis due to timely update of new topics, post on her blog. But she might still not be making upto 300$ on her blog via adsense alone every month.

So, how come Linda Ikeji is one of the most successful blogger in Nigeria?

The major means linda ikeji makes more money on her blog monthly is due to paid ads that she runs on her blog. It could be a sponsored post written by her to her audience readers, or image ads that shows on each side of her blog. She could charge as high as hundreds of thousand of naira to run such ads on her blog for a month.

Moreover, the bigger companies¬† like telecoms political company, multinational companies contact her to promote their products, services, idea via ads on her blog for like 1 month duration and you know big companies don’t pay small money.

Incase you don’t know who linda ikeji is, She is the richest blogger in Nigeria because her blog is one of the most visited entertainment, celebrity blog in Nigeria.

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