A lot of mmm participants have been complaining of not being matched for several days after they have requested for help(Get Help).

Today, I receive an email from a mmm participants that goes by name ‘christy’ asking this: “I requested for help and it’s being 5days and no help was provided, please what should I do now”, and have been receiving all kinds of email from various people asking about MMM.

As reported by an mmm guider by name ‘Jehosaphat’, he said: “MMM is undergoing upgrade, the profit will no longer be 30% but 100% profits. It means, if you put N20,000 naira for example, you get back N40,000 naira. So, everyone should be patient

Well, what I can say is this: the MMM admins are probably working round the clock to solve the problem.

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Basically, the system is trying to look for participants that are willing to Provide Help(PH), so as to pay those that are trying to Get Help(GH), since there are lots of participants that is trying to GH all at the same time.

I remember writing this post some months ago about MMM, Ask any questions as regards MMM, and I keep on receiving all kinds of questions

and even though some participants, are having some little issues, MMM is still paying participants up till this moment, see what I wrote about MMM paying participants since last april, it is still very valid.


So, if you got questions, contributions, explanations, comments, drop them below in the comment section.