President Buhari when still in good healthy condition at Aso Rock

Its already more than 100 days that the elected president of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari has been on medical treatment over undisclosed sickness in a far away country, UK, London precisely. The sickness as reportedly ranges around cancer, hearing problem and any other related ailments.

Before President Buhari left for london, he transferred the presidential powers to his vice president, in person of Professor Yemi Osinbajo. This transfer is just a symbolic actions and to fulfill all righteousness because Acting President Yemi Osinbajo really got nothing close to presidential powers as major country decisions, are not being taken by Osinbajo. Major decisions are taken by president buhari trusted allies, cabals and kitchen cabinet in the likes of NNPC GMD, Baru Maikanti, Chief of army staff, Yusuf Buratai, buhari family members, cousins, Mamman Daura and the likes. When Ag. President Osinbajo wanted to do something important in the administration, he had to jet out to london to visit his boss Buhari to have a direct conversation with him. What an absurdity and a waste and deception?

The below highlights various power play going on in the presidency, and what the key players like Ag. President Osinbajo got to lose or gain in the scheme of things

1. Osinbajo can’t take any major decision

Osinbajo can’t take much serious decisions as if he is being done favor by somebody for holding the office of Acting president.

2. Osinbajo got nothing much to lose

Osinbajo won’t lose much. He already got a successful career and business before becoming the Vice president of Nigeria.

3. Many activities are happening without the knowledge of Osinbajo

Many activities are going on in the life of this Buhari – Osinbajo administration that the Ag. President does not know about.

The bottom-line

The bottom-line of Acting President Osinbajo actions whenever he begins to wield the presidential powers as duly giving to him and backed by the constitution is not something to be scared of at all. The highest that could happen is that whenever Buhari gets back to work in Nigeria from his medical treatment in London, UK is that Buhari gets angry with Acting president Osinbajo decisions and actions, and probably threaten to deal with Osinbajo which is never going to happen as the majority of Nigerians and politicians are going to be behind Osinbajo.

Enough of this fears of the unknown and trying to play safe while Nigeria slides into anarchy, coma, lack of progress, hunger, economic downturn.

Osinbajo, just like Esther in the Bible, this could be the reason why you were appointed to be Vice president; To make meaningful impacts on the life of Nigerians at this time. Wake up to your work.