sexy househelp romantic story episode 1

Episode 1

Darkness falls, the moon and the stars shines all over as there was a slow wind blowing through the street of surulere, cars and motorcycles drives by with few people walking pass the street as others gist with their fellow friends. It was a cool and freezy night as a black Toyota corolla drove towards a gate of a four bedroom flat,the driver hit the car horn as the gate man quickly opened the gate and saluted,the car was slowly packed at the gararge, the car door was opened and here comes a tall handsome young fair man coming down from his car and his name is NELSON!

Nelson is a newly married man Who got married to a beautiful Wife called JULIET! They love and adore each other so much but the problem Nelson has with his wife is her inability to cook well for him. Juliet is so lazy to the extent that she can leave unwashed plates and pots for weeks without touching Them, she even find it hard to clean the room and arrange the bed. The worst part of it all is that, Juliet do go out to buy fast food for her husband to eat because she can’t cook and that is what Nelson don’t like about her.

At about 11pm in the night, Juliet woke Nelson up and asked him to sit up that she want to discuss something with him, Nelson looked at her quietly and asked his wife if all is well!

JULIET ~ All is well my love but I want us to discuss something important!

NELSON ~ What is it? what is So important that You can’t wait till morning?

JULIET ~ Am so Sorry for interrupting Your sleep my love,but I want to ask You for a favour.

NELSON ~ Sweetheart, you amaze me sometimes, you need a favour this night? what is all this?

JULIET ~ Honey please don’t be mad at me,all I want is a house help.

NELSON ~ A house help? why if I may Ask!

JULIET ~ To help me put things in other in the house, You I Am not use to all This cooking, washing and cleaning stuff.

NELSON ~ Stop it, I Am not going to agree to that, You are my wife and it is your duty as a wife to put things in other in the house not someone I know not!

JULIET ~ I know honey, You know I have spent all my life in America and find it difficult to get use to Nigeria lifestyle, I Am not use to all this!

NELSON ~ Sweetheart, goodnight and please don’t wake me up again, I have a busy shedule tomorrow at work!

It was already morning and Nelson has prepared for work and hoping for breakfast from his darling wife,he walk to the dinning table but find no breakfast, Nelson became so Angry as he called upon his wife three Good times but no response, he then walk to the bedroom and still find her sleeping on top of their high bed.

Watch out for Episode 2 coming soon