So, I was travelling and had to stop in Ibadan to connect to Akure. As I stopped around Iwo road, I was approached by policemen even though they were not in uniform. They identified themselves via their ID cards, and I gave them my attention.

They were like, we are patrolling around and we approach anybody to check them if they are in possession of anything criminal or illegal. So, they asked that they would check my bag. At first, I was confused ‘cos that is the first time I was having that kind of experience with the police. As a gentle man, I allowed them to search my bag.

The saw my phone which I kept in my bag, and asked me to unlock it, that they need to check my phone if they could find any criminal or illegal things on my phone. I initially insisted that I am not a criminal, I am just a traveller passing through Ibadan. They were like, anybody could be a criminal, and nobody writes being criminal on their face. I allowed them. They searched through my phone, opening various apps, email account, facebook, messenger and all that. They really could not find any incriminating on my phone.

As Nigeria police love to do, they will surely find one silly thing to hold you on. So, they said Why I am using more than one gmail account on my phone. I was confused. I told them they all serve various purpose just like when we all have more than one SIM card to make calls and all that. They were like, I am a criminal trying to impersonate via multiple gmail account. So, with this they found what they could me hold me on.

Before few seconds, I was driven to their police station. The station is along the street beside the popular Wema bank opposite Gbagi or so(I don’t really know Ibadan, was just passing through). They continued searching through my email records, to see what they could use to hold me down, but they could not see.

In the end, the policemen said I will pay N5,000 naira for transporting from Iwo road to their station. Me, N5,000 naira what? ordinary student, youth, I don’t have any money except money for my transport fare down to my destination, I kept on dragging with them, had to call my family to narrate the crazy experience I was having, my mum spoke with them, and they were like if not for your mum, they would have dumped me in the police cell and go out of the station, and all that.

Last, Last, I was freed without paying anything by the Nigeria Police Ibadan along street beside WEMA bank, opposite Gbagi market.

When Nigeria Police go change!!!