flag-of-nigeria-referendum-october-1-2017-nnamdi kanu call for biafra

Nigerian Flag

It has been a long debate for several years running.

It is the discussion around the division or breaking of Nigeria into various countries like Biafra Nation(Igbo tribe), Oduduwa Nation(Yoruba tribe), Arewas(Hausa, Fulani and other minorities), Niger Delta Republic and so on.

To monitor the situation, Answers web platform designed a simple platform to easily know the percentage of people that support the call for division. Visitors to the platform got one choice to make, you vote YES, NO, or NOT INTERESTED, and you can also view result of those that already voted about the question.

To vote or monitor vote as regards breaking Nigeria, you can visit Nigeria Mock Voting platform for referendum to see the statistics of those that supports this call for division.


You can also drop comments, views, reports about breaking of Nigeria in the comment section below.