Remitano is a platform to buy and sell digital currency like Bitcoin but you can now buy and sell the latest buzzing and second most valuable digital currency(going by its price and market capitalization) after bitcoin which goes by name “Ethereum“. I remember writing about using Remitano platform to easily buy and sell bitcoin, check the post here.

As a business savvy platform, Remitano is not dull at all. They are simply moving with the times and realities. Ethereum have come to stay and nothing is gonna shift that, not even Mr Bitcoin.

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If you want to check out remitano platform to buy and sell, know the price of ethereum, click here.


A special appeal to Nigerian web developers and programmers, you need to create a web business platform like Remitano and can make a lot of money, income for yourself though partnering with others is not a bad idea at all. Remitano platform is not owned by Nigerians but I am very sure, its owners makes lot of money from Nigeria originated transactions.


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