hurricane irma leaves miami florida beach coast areas east and west key florida deserted

Miami Beach side empty as Hurricane Irma comes closer

Hurricane Irma has already wrecked havoc on the carribeans island levelling structures, and killing upto 25 people as it charges towards the coastal region of Miami. Authorities have already evacuated more than 5 million people into higher and safer region as Hurricane Irma walks through Miami key florida region.

Hurricane Irma, one of the strongest Atlantic storms ever recorded, is bearing down on Florida. The Times, which has journalists deployed through the region, is providing free digital access to all storm news.

For the latest up-to-the-minute dispatches, read this live Sunday briefing. Here is a general overview of the news. You can also view the storm’s path with our interactive maps.

Many readers have asked about donations or other ways to help. You can find that information here, along with tips for avoiding fraud.

The storm so far

hurricane irma leaves miami florida beach coast areas east and west key florida deserted2

Drone footage showing desolate Miami Beach

On Wednesday, Irma struck land for the first time, hitting the island of Barbuda with winds of up to 185 miles per hour. Since then it has left a path of destruction as it passed through the Caribbean.

Millions of people were ordered to evacuate in Florida, and hundreds of thousands were scrambling into crowded county shelters and jamming highways as they fled north. The planes over the state were filled with crowded flights.

This weekend, President Trump and his cabinet planned to monitor Hurricane Irma from Camp David.

How did Hurricane Irma become so huge and destructive? Climate and weather experts explain that here.

The Upshot explained how experts are gathering data on the storm’s strength.

Many islands in the Caribbean were bracing this weekend for another major storm, Hurricane Jose.

A bit of advice

Here are tips on how to evacuate your home, and how to pack an emergency kit.

And if you must travel somewhere in the path of the storm, here’s what you should do.

The task of rebuilding after a disaster can be daunting. Read how others have done it.

Survivors of the Hurricane Katrina disaster also have advice for the long term.

And, again, if you want to help with donations, be careful to avoid scams.

Source: New York Times