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Ekiti state popularly known as Land of Honour is one of the South Western States in Nigeria. The state was carved out of the old Ondo state territory, under the dictatorship of General Sani Abacha, on the 1st of October, 1996.

Ekiti state was recognized and respected as producing a large numbers of professors in the Country. Such professors include: Prof. Adegoke Olubunmi, one of the first and renowned professor in the field of Mathematics, Prof. Ekundayo Adeyinka Adeyemi, the first Professor of Architectural in Africa, among others, so numerous to mention. Because of their academic reputation and excellence in Nigeria, they were known with a slogan ‘fountain of Knowledge’ among other honours.

In accordance with a statement made by an Ekiti indigenous blogger Charles Ayodele Peters claimed that the declaration of Ekiti state as an independent state was based on the level and size of educated citizens they have produced to head researches, and that Ekiti state remains Land of Honour but maintains it original slogan.

Unarguably, Ekiti state was known as Fountain of Knowledge because of it’s academic excellence, however, there have been a sudden and incessant decline and decay of the Education sector of the state which could not be as a result of issues unconnected with political illiteracy, favouritism and maladministration. This corroborate the general adage ‘when purpose is not known, abuse is always inevitable’. There were also issues of non-challancy, lack-lustre, laziness and lackadaisical attitudes among the Ekiti youth towards development and academic breakthrough.

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In addendum, the failure of the present administration to pay civil servants, Teachers inclusive and poor sensitisation on the growing population of the youth has posed an avoidable threat on the development of the state. It could also be one of the deteriorating factors that has brought about a decline in the academic performance, hardworking and uniqueness of Ekiti state, and as a result, both Primary and secondary school students will prefer going to the farm in lieu of school.

The most pressing factor among the numerous factors that brought about the decline in the development and uniform working capacity of Ekiti state is too much availability, exposure, and acquisition of knowledge and information. Hence, resulting to disagreement among the educated elites and scholars who are always in competition of words, academic qualification, development ideas, thereby neglecting the implementation of such idea into a tangible infrastructural development.

Conclusively, could it be that the diminishing standard of education and laziness among youth be a most driving factor that precipitated the introduction of the new slogan ‘Land of Honour’ instead of ‘Fountain of Knowledge’?


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