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The Netherlands also called Holland is one beautiful country to come from or live in. It is a country that is well administered and managed by its governments and citizens. The below highlights interesting things you should know about The Netherlands. Enjoy it!!!

picture flag country the netherlands holland

Flag of The Netherlands/Holland

The Flag of The Netherlands is shown above (consist of Red, White and Blue).

1. The Netherlands is locked between 3 big countries of UK, France and Germany.

2. The people of Netherlands mostly speak and understand English even though they have their various dutch languages.

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3. During World War 2, Germany occupied the Netherlands but it was the British, America and Canada forces that liberated the Dutch from German occupation.

netherlands-beautiful landscape seat of government at the hague rotterdam amsterdam the king palace presidential arena

The Netherlands symbol of Government

4. The Netherlands is also called Holland

5. The capital city of The Netherlands is Amsterdam

6. The Netherlands have one of the best internet connectivity in Europe and in the world alongside Switzerland, that is one reason most top technology and internet based companies usually use the country for test of its products.

7. Even the capital city of The Netherlands is Amsterdam, the seat of government is in another city by name: The Hague where government carries out its daily functions and activities.(The Hague is also where we have the International Criminal Court ICC).

queenbirthday-netherlands-kings birthday at the netherland holland amsterdam the hague western europe

Kings Birthday Celebration

8. The Netherlands is administered by a king sworn in by the government and parliaments and the swearing in must be done in Amsterdam(the capital city of Netherlands) as written in the country’s constitution.

9. One popular king of The Netherlands/Holland is by name King Louis Napolean, taking the name of the popular french national by name Napolean Bonaparte.

10. The 4 largest city in The Netherland are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

11. The total population of people from The Netherlands using 2017 estimates is 17, 116, 281(about 17 million +).


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