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This is a story about Juliana,she is the only daughter of her parent,she has two elder brothers and one younger brother.Her parent love her so much as they struggle hard to train her in the university level. She study mass communication but don’t really like making friends as she is the quiet type of girl.

Many ladies in campus love the way she compose herself to school and have come to her several times just to be friendly with her but she refused to mingle,she is always with her books reading, she is a serious and brilliant student. Different guys have approached her even with their own kind of swag and cash but she says NO to them. so many of the guys have tried all logic and tricks just to get her but all to no avail as some guys will say; that she is forming too hard to get and this has coursed so much tention among them to the extent they have to gather in an empty class to discuss and plan on how to win her love.

One faithful morning, Juliana was on her way to school when a guy named James mistakenly pushed her as they were coming down the car.

JULIANA ~ Hey you! what’s wrong with you? do you want to fall me down?( she was so angry)

JAMES~I am very sorry, is a mistake.

JULIANA~Sorry for yourself (she hissed and start to walk into the school)

After lecture, Juliana packed her books as she steped out of the class.

BEN~ Hello dear

JULIANA~ ( she looked at him and turned away her face from him) Hi,can I help you?

BEN ~Not really, but want to know you,my name is Benson and what about you?

JULIANA~ I am Juliana, sorry, I have to go now.

BEN~ Sorry! please before you go can I at least have your number?

JULIANA ~ I am sorry, I don’t give my number to a stranger, have a nice day( she walk away)

BEN~ (Talking to himself) NO,I must get her,she is very beautiful, I must find a way to win her love before someone else does.

Juliana was standing at the school junction waiting for a taxi to take her home but finding it difficult to get one as she became so worried because she wanted to go home early and cook before going to see her uncle Emmanuel who asked her to come visit him after lecture. James at the other hand was coming out of the school gate when he saw Juliana standing from afar as he quickly walked up to her to apologies to her about the incident that happened between them earlier.

JAMES ~ Hello

JULIANA~ Yes,you again, you want to push me down again?

JAMES~(Burst into laughter)

JULIANA~(start to smile) why are you laughing?

JAMES~ Well,you are funny,I am happy you are smiling today.

JULIANA~ Meaning?

JAMES ~Because I have never seen you smiling before and other student could also testify to that.

JULIANA~ Really?

JAMES~ Yes,but enough of that, my name is James Ameh and you?

JULIANA~ I am Juliana okwori.

JAMES~ Nice to meet you Juliana, I wish to see you some other day.

JULIANA~ Alright then.

Juliana finally found a taxi as the taxi driver drove her down to her house,she paid the taxi driver is money and walk into the compound where she lives.


After lecture, Juliana decided to remain in class so she could go through her books when Benson walk up to her.

BEN~ How are you doing?

JULIANA~ I am doing fine and as you can see,I am busy with my book.

BEN~ I don’t know why you don’t want to give me the privilege to express to you how I always feel about you. I like you so much.

JULIANA~ Please stop, I am not here for any relationship, I am here to study hard so I can come out with flying colors, I am not interested.

BEN~ I Just want us to be friends and nothing more.

JULIANA~ Can you please leave me now so I can concentrate with my books? thank you.

BEN~ Ok,I will see you later.

Immediately Benson was left the class,James walk in.

JULIANA~ (saw James) What are you doing here?

JAMES~ I am here to see you and take you out for lunch.

JULIANA~ I am sorry I can’t go with you,I am busy.

JAMES~ Come on!!! I meant no harm,I have been watching you since you step into this school and I must confess you are a very wonderful person who mind her business and all I ask is be a friend to someone I can trust and share ideas with,No stringe attached.

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Author: Prince Phil Ajexity

Give Me Back My Virginity Episode 2

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