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It has been observed that Zenith Bank mobile app can be wrong and confusing in calculating account balance before and after transaction is made.

Topic: Various USSD for Zenith Bank

Sometimes, customer wants to know the amount they got on their account balance before they did a payment or pay certain bills or transfer, but the bank app will just be showing account balance of the customer that has already past and not current. This can be disgusting. Image evidence would have been uploaded but no need to do that. This happens immediately or few minutes after a transaction is done and you want to check your account balance details for various transaction, and the before and after transaction column is just messed up.

Zenith Bank, you need to work on this aspect of your mobile app.

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Topic: (Image) What Zenith Bank mobile app looks like for Domiciliary account holder

From a loyal customer.

I love Zenith Bank. Zenith Bank is simply the best Bank in Nigeria. They got the best customer service, and nice response whether in their physical branch, via call, email or any other means.

BlessedUp for Zenith Bank


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