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Know more about Android 7, Nougat


RAM Booster apps, are they apps killers or phone killers?

You might have used or seen others use "RAM Booster" apps that claim to speed up your phone performance by cleaning the background apps and p...


REMITANO: Best choice for bitcoin trading

REMITANO is the first bitcoin exchange that offers permanent zero fee . It lets you deposit and withdraw Flat Money anywhere all over the wo...


MMM Nigeria pause mode, what to do during this period

Message to all Mavrodians. This period is the only practical measure to protect MMM Nigeria from danger. A lot of news of MMM crashing this De...


MMM pause mode, what will happen after the mode

MMM Nigeria PAUSE MODE : One-Month Freezing of confirmed mavros Yes, you may have heard about the system upgrade and other measures to imp...


New update on how to change guider for old MMM participants

CHANGE OF GUIDER ALERT FOR OLD PARTICIPANTS Please write to support for change of guider now if you need to do so because it is really nec...


Last Hope for MMM participants Under Moratorium

Are you familiar with the word Moratorium? According to dictionary, A moratorium is a delay or suspension of an activity or a law. In a legal ...

Rice Technique to Recover your wet or soaked Device

A phone repairer or an engineer may find it difficult to understand but a crop scientist like me will understand it. It works wonders provided yo...


Nokia to Release Android Phones by 2017

Nokia on Thursday, announced its intentions to launch android powered smart phones in first quarter of 2017. The HMD Global, which announced this...


Tips to Secure any Android Phone from Threats

Android devices of today are vulnerable to various security loopholes, hacks and damages. The reasons why there is always software updates or OTA...