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Cube Game: A puzzle-like game that make you think, Download it here

Cube Game: A puzzle-like game that make you think, Download it here

This is a puzzle like game that makes you think on how to place same color on each face of the box. You can also get the type that makes you ...

mcfarlane new movie reboot partnering with blumhouse uk film

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn movie ‘reboot’ picked up by Blumhouse

Todd McFarlane's long-gestating Spawn movie reboot is finally becoming a reality, thanks to Blumhouse. Todd McFarlane has been trying to get a n...


Femi Fani Kayode (FFK): Buhari picture with APC governors in London is old and fake and photoshopped

The picture of a handful of APC Governors and President Muhammadu Buhari, which was purportedly taken in London yesterday, is old and fake. ...


Where to get a free domain name for your website or online presence

Have you seen websites that ends with a .ga? These are examples of website that use a free domain name provider. Some examples are: http://f...


Start investing on Questra World Holdings and get paid every week

Once again for those who are just joining. Take a look at a brief summary of what the company is about, the available packages and possible retur...


President Buhari meets with APC governors in London where he recieves treatment

Recovering from undisclosed sickness President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari is pictured today meeting with governors under his party, All Progres...


26 facts you may not know about the continent AFRICA

Africa is a very wonderful continents that boasts of many great happenings, events, people, culture and traditions. I have gathered about 26 fa...

Love You Like Trump Loves Putin Boo!!! – Toolz To Husband As They Celebrate 1st Anniversary

Advice for Men: How to touch a woman lovingly

A woman loves to be touched by a man, sensations of love hidden under her skin waiting for him to awaken them. The following are various tou...


How to store your bitcoin digital currency offline in hard drive or usb drive outside exchange platform like coinbase, blockchain

Popcorn time! Everyone make sure you get your bitcoin out of exchanges and have control over your private keys before August 1! Follow this ...