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Popular tools, applications, softwares to develop cross platform applications

Trending in the mobile application development world are cross-platform mobile apps. There are a great many tools and frameworks available for ...


Reason Screen capture(Screenshot) is disabled on Blockchain app

Blockchain is a bitcoin (btc) wallet manager or bitcoin merchant platform. Via Blockchain platform just like CoinBase, you can access your bi...


What I noticed about my Infinix hot4 lite follow-come charger

I noticed something about the charger that came with my Infinix hot4 lite. The above picture is the charger that came with my phone. T...

How to Track/Find your Lost Android phone! (Check it out here)

How to Track/Find your Lost Android phone! (Check it out here)

Requirements: Your device is connected with your Google account. Your device has access to the internet. Allowed Android Device Man...


Major difference Between Samsung S7 and samsung s7 Edge ( Know which to buy)

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs S7 Edge: What's the difference? Samsung's latest duo of flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge,  finally hitt...


How to Fix ur water Damaged Phone

So You Dropped Your Phone in the Toilet, Now. What?  Water damage? Here's what to do. So your precious iPhone or Android just had an unexp...


10 Best Android phones 2017; which should you buy?

10 Best Android phones 2017: which should you buy? If you have been following my post on technology. You now have an idea of top phones t...


Ten Mobile Phones To Look out For in 2017

10 Best Android phones 2017: which should you buy? Update: Now the Moto Z Play is out in the UK, it's time to say goodbye to the Sony Xp...

godap app file sharing app dingtone team maker ellen cooper

GoDap: A new file sharing application

GoDap is a file sharing app that does not need internet or wifi before it functions. With GoDap, you can share files, videos at a lightning s...


Know more about Android 7, Nougat