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Who are those behind Bitcoin (BTC) digital currency

Is bitcoin really decentralized? May be when it first started it was decentralized and have no control, but as of today, Personally, I think b...

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PayPal: What you need to know about fund availability feature

Funds Availability in PayPal is when we delay the availability of funds for a specified amount of time – usually 21 days or less. This is a...


Bitcoin or PayPal: Which is better as mode for transaction

Two of the most popular mode of payment on the internet for sometime now has been Bitcoin and PayPal. PayPal came before bitcoin, but bitcoin...


Reason Screen capture(Screenshot) is disabled on Blockchain app

Blockchain is a bitcoin (btc) wallet manager or bitcoin merchant platform. Via Blockchain platform just like CoinBase, you can access your bi...


Factors that determine the rise and fall in price of bitcoin (BTC) digital currency

From Bitcoin’s exchange rate of $0.08 in June 2010 to its all-time high near $1,150 in November 2013 and currently in 2017, 1btc is about $...

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What is happening on GetHelpWorldwide GHW as of 20th April 2017

For like 1 week, everywhere seems silent on GetHelpWorldwide Ghw Xclusive. Those of us that have Provide Help(PH) have not been asked to send...


How to prove you are not a scammer via various online platform like facebook, twitter, websites, blogs

Online platform or internet platform have provided all kinds of opportunity to do business with various people in any part of the world. Beca...


Make money by exposing financial crimes under the Nigeria Government Whistleblowing policy

The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) under the ministry of finance have introduced a policy called "WhistleBlowing" that compensate anybod...


The difference between “Buy” and “Sell” as used on websites, platforms online

I have observed this confusion of the word "buy" and "sell" when a platform or website offers a service of "buying" or "selling" a product. I...


How to unlock Windows 10 password using UUkeys Windows Password mate software

Assuming you forgot password to your windows 10 powered system/computer, there are ways to unlock your computer and have access to your compu...