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What to do when somebody upload fake Proof of payment (POP) in GetHelpWorldwide (GHW)

There are some participants in GetHelpWorldwide GHW that intentionally upload fake proof of payment to either cheat fellow members or for som...

How does My Sure Cash (MSC) works? Check it out here

How does My Sure Cash (MSC) works? Check it out here

How #MySureCash Works STEP 1: Visit to get registered as a (MSC) member. STEP 2: Log into your Pers...


List of money increasing platform, like GetHelpWorldwide, Gwealth, MMM, NNN and many more

I will be highlighting the links on NaijaTech blog where you can read about or know more about other alternatives to money increasing/investmen... website logo

Change Of Guider (How to Change your MMM Guider) Image Illustration – NT Exclusive

Log into your MMM Nigeria Personal Office (PO). At the top click “My Page”  On the right hand side, click on “Guider”  ...

How to Become an MMM Guilder (Full Illustration)

How to Become an MMM Guilder (Full Illustration)

WHO IS AN MMM NIGERIA GUIDER? MMM Guiders are specially trained participants of the MMM community. MMM guiders are the foundation and ...

Mtn Nigeria

How to Enjoy Uninterrupted Browsing Experience on MTN 3G/4G LTE

MTN 3G/4G LTE is presently one of the best internet browsing data among it competitors. With various package for affordable prices MTN also l...

ghw-logo-image-symbol-identity-mmm-alternative-naijatech-answers website

How to create a support ticket in GetHelpWorldwide

There are two ways to communicate with the admins behind GetHelpWorldwide (GHW) money donation platform 1. Send your mail to their support...

gwealth logo

GWealth: Peer to Peer bitcoin donation platform where you get 100% returns in 10 days

Be a member of G-wealth (Bitcoin donation market) where everyone becomes rich and there is equal right. G-wealth is an online donation networ...


Enjoy MTN free data(500MB or 1Gb) plan

MTN is currently dashing out free 500mb and 1gb data bonanza. This data is not activated on every mtn lines. It depends on how old your mtn ...

Mmm cash 60% roi for bitcoin btc,30% for local currency

MMM-CASH: Participate with bitcoin and get 60% profit, local currency get 30% profit plus other bonuses

*MMM CASH* is the new generation of the MMM community launched on 14th of February 2017 We are the future, we have understood the mistakes...