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This is the reason bitcoin price has been increasing in a rapid manner

For the past 1-3 weeks, bitcoin has seen a dramatic increase by more than $1000 USD per bitcoin from $2,900+ to somewhere around $4200+ as I wr...


Zenith Bank: Why do you delay transactions from Thirdparty apps like Quickteller

For the past 2-4 months or thereabout, I have personally noticed Zenith bank delays any transactions on my account that is originating from t...


BREAKING!!! Bitcoin price index rise to $3000+ dollars

The price of Bitcoin has jumped above $3000+ dollars sometimes around August 4, 2017. Bitcoin has always hovered around $2000+ dollars for the ...

united states dollars usd hundred dollars 100 dollars bill note

These are the 7 denominations of the US dollars money currency

To a large number of people especially those that are based in the united states, the US ($)dollar currency denomination is known to them like th...

ghw-logo-image-symbol-identity-mmm-alternative-naijatech-answers website

GetHelpWorldwide finally crashes; What have you learnt?

It is no longer news that the ponzi website or money increasing platform popularly called GetHelpWorldwide or GHW xclusive or whatever it is ...

7 Ways To Tell If Your Campus Boyfriend Is Going To Be Rich

10 questions that could help you move forward when confused at a point in life

In 2011, after I discovered that I could live my dream life and put my footprints on the sand of history by working with my talents, I set ou...


Where to get a free domain name for your website or online presence

Have you seen websites that ends with a .ga? These are examples of website that use a free domain name provider. Some examples are: http://f...


Start investing on Questra World Holdings and get paid every week

Once again for those who are just joining. Take a look at a brief summary of what the company is about, the available packages and possible retur...


Happy New Month of July 2017

Everyone of us @NaijaTech wishes everyone a happy new Month of July, 2017. It is our wishes and prayers that in this month of July, every t...