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Wallet Fortune: Money making platform that gives 100% and 120% returns within 14 days of your donation

"Our Goal" We know that peer-to-peer schemes generally have been given a totally frustrating or ugly impression in Nigeria and beyond by fra...


My Guess thought: How remitano bitcoin platform manages bitcoin account of users

Remitano is one interesting platform to buy and sell bitcoin digital currency safely and securely. I use remitano platform to buy and sell bi...


BITCOIN is settling around $2700+ right now; What you need to do about bitcoin

Many killer buyers are probably keeping their money, waiting for bitcoin to drop to like $2300+ before entering the market to buy cheaper bitco...

where to put zoto airtime recharge app referal code during registration

Recharge daily on ZOTO and get extra N100 airtime to recharge any phone number later

ZOTO mobile app recharge has been around for more than 2 years now and still waxing strong. ZOTO is the number 1 app to recharge your mobile ...


Zenith Bank: Which one be Master Card Monthly fee without any prior notice

Zenith bank, which one be MasterCard monthly fee without any prior notice via email or SMS or any other means now? Is that the new way to ...


3 reasons businesses gives their customers bonus, bonanza, gifts

To get more sales and customers, a business must occasionally give people and their existing customers some kind of bonus or bonanza or gifts. ...


Breaking News!!! 1 bitcoin(btc) is now more than $2000 dollars

It was last week (8-13th may) I wrote about bitcoin fluctuation, see it here; and also rightly predicted that 1 bitcoin will soon be priced mor...


Weekly report of bitcoin price from BlockChain exchange platform

Bitcoin is a digital crypto-currency that has changed the way we deal with financial transaction all around the world. I will be updating below e...


Bitcoin fluctuations this week (8-13th May, 2017)

Bitcoin have been on the steady rise since for couple of weeks now and it finally peaked around $1800(Blockchain exchange) on wednesday 10th ...