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REMITANO: Best choice for bitcoin trading

REMITANO is the first bitcoin exchange that offers permanent zero fee . It lets you deposit and withdraw Flat Money anywhere all over the wo...


NNN has come to lead, see evidence

NNN is an acronym of National Net Navros. NNN is owned by the participants, its a community by the people and for the people. A team of freedom l...


How to become a Supervisor in NNN Nigeria

National Net Navros (NNN) is really growing rapidly and now has a lot of user base. This gives opportunity for a participant to become a supe...


NNN Nigeria is around, Register now and join the community

I heard of this today and I can't wait to share it. Believe me this is unbelievable NNN-Office is a new community where you can make unlim...

google-adsense-logo-nt-naijatech how to get site approved for google adsense,what is google adsense,fast,quick method to get adsense approval

Google Adsense: How to verify adsense adsense account and how to know when your monthly payment can be processed by adsense

This topic is for those that are yet to experience the "almighty Google adsense" verification procedure and may be confused about how this th...


Trade your Bitcoin here

For those that would love to sell or buy bitcoin, here is the best forum to place your order. Let's trade bitcoin here. Let me also introd...


New updates from Givers forum

If you haven't heard of Giversforum before now or yet to register, you can read my post about them by clicking here I'm glad to inform you...


Brief story about Bitcoin; How to create a Bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and a payment system invented by an unidentified programmer, or group of programmers, under the name of Satoshi N...


Reasons why Giversforum is better than any other community of its kind

What is GiversForum ? The whole essence of human existence is GIVING. For as long as heaven and earth remain, sowing and reaping time shal...