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The various digital ads dimensions and sizes

  In this earlier topic, "reasons/advantages of advertising", it describe various reasons you need to do advertisement. In this post,...

facebook logo How to pay for Facebook ads how Facebook ads works

Why do facebook management deletes a facebook group or page or seems inaccessible or not available

  ¬†Facebook management can delete a group at anytime due to some reasons most especially caused by violation of facebook terms and condi...


My police station experience

I have always heard about people's experience in the hands of police, but I have never had any personal experience until sometimes around 2015. I...


Short story: How I was implicated by old school friend

  An old school friend of mine named Ajayi called me on the phone one day that he has something he wants to show me. It is up to two year...


How to reduce a website bounce rate

  Bounce rate It is the percentage of visitors that entered a website and then leave without checking out other pages or aspects of th...

parent-children conversation image

Conversation between dad-son and mum-son

There is no one size fits it all in every human interactions. In this post, I will be showing conversation between a dad and his son and also a... website logo

Attitudes of employees in government establishments

  Everywhere around the world, some job workers are in private establishments, and some others are working under governments establishmen...


Why you should use powerbank

  Powerbank is a device that contains battery that you can use to charge your phones, and other small electronic devices. It is like a po...


What are types of blog content with huge customers/visitors base

  In this earlier post, I discussed businesses and ideology that generate huge income. Every business that has huge customer's/visitor...


What is the meaning of Whatsapp end-to-end encryption

  In simple, explanatory term, Whatsapp end-to-end encryption is a way Whatsapp securely handle users messages, and other interactions wi...