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Why we convert public treasury to private use in Nigeria

  I earlier wrote about the attitudes of employees in government establishments. In this present topic, I will be discussing some reasons...

picture showing male and female

How men contribute to women laziness in a relationship

  Many average men always try to bad mouth or abuse women on how lazy they are in a relationship, how the men do all the spendings and wo...


Why women,girls twist legs whenever taking pictures

  Both girls and guys, men and women keep wondering why girls, ladies, women twist their legs or shape whenever they take pictures. The ...


My police station experience

I have always heard about people's experience in the hands of police, but I have never had any personal experience until sometimes around 2015. I...


Short story: How I was implicated by old school friend

  An old school friend of mine named Ajayi called me on the phone one day that he has something he wants to show me. It is up to two year...


Why women don’t approach men to express their love feelings to them

  Though it is not very common to see girls approach guys to express their love feelings towards guys, it still happens. It was Alber...


Why ideas are not easily accepted

  It is not easy to sell¬† ideas to other people whether it is a new one or already existing one. As human beings, it is not easy to just...

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Conversation between dad-son and mum-son

There is no one size fits it all in every human interactions. In this post, I will be showing conversation between a dad and his son and also a...


Why it is easy to hookup with someone from similar tribe/race

  If you look around, you will surely notice that it is popular to see people of similar race, religion, tribe, culture et al. to be marr... website logo

Attitudes of employees in government establishments

  Everywhere around the world, some job workers are in private establishments, and some others are working under governments establishmen...