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Why do females gather more attention than males on social media

These are some reasons why females get more attention on social media than their male counterparts. -> Demand and Supply: More men are a...

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Why you should have more friends or followers on social media

Social media have changed how we engage and do things forever. Examples of popular social media platforms are online forums eg website logo

Welcome to the month of June 2016

Everyone at welcomes everybody to the new month of June 2016. I hope everything is gonna work out for good for everyone in th... website logo

Why you should get some education, Why you should go to school

According to education, "is the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and...

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I cannot always give you what you want

This piece will be in form of short statements, lets go:   -> I am not your servant or slave, so, in life, you won't always get... logo dont discourage

One road doesn’t enter the market: Reasons not to discourage

See some few reasons to avoid discouraging others on any adventure -> Its a world of endless possibilities: Opportunities abound, and even ...


Does the stand of parents or guardian on who to marry really the final?

Discussions on who to marry or form a family with is always a topical issue among various families in the world especially in Nigeria. One r...

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Behavioural pattern: Why do people misunderstand, underrate idea or something

Who doesn't do that? Who doesn't belittle or understand something different from the real thing to be understood. I think it is normal or a...

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How to prevent facebook account from being hacked and solution if it happens

It is common almost on a daily basis for various facebook users to complain that their facebook account has been hacked. Some of the consequence ...

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As human beings, we are always on one pressure or another. Some pressures are kind of general while some are unique to each human being. ...