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how to make laptop batter cells last longer, methods to make your battery last longer before it wears out,charging tips for laptop battery for hp,dell,sony,samsung,flip,acer,

Five 5 ways to make your laptop battery last longer

On the matter of laptop batteries longevity, there is no sure, fire proof method to make your batter last forever.  Truth is your battery ca...

bathroom tools,things,devices that you didnt know you need,requirements you need in a bathroom

5 bathroom gadgets you didn’t know you required

With emphasis on making your homes "smart", technology has literally invaded your personal spaces including the bedroom and bathroom. Yes, th...

advantages of using google platform for blogging over, tumblr others

6 Advantages of using WordPress platform for blogging

Wordpress is the most used software on the internet used to design blogs and websites all around the world. This very website

advantages of using google platform for blogging over wordpress,tumblr others

3 Advantages of using Blogger platform for blogging

Blogger platform owned by Google is one of the top software used to power blogs/websites on the internet. There are many blogs examples th...

These 4 Unusual Ways To Find A Misplaced Mobile Device,how to locate a missing,lost phone,iphone,ios,android,samsung,lg,huawei,tecno,itel,infinx,

If You Lost Your Phone? Checkout These 4 Unusual Ways To Find A Misplaced Mobile Device

If you have lost your phone and are now finding it truly difficult to locate it again, then these are some unusual ways you can come out of y...

Essential Tips To Keep Your Phone's Battery Healthy

Essential Tips To Keep Your Phone’s Battery Healthy/Strong

1. Yes, you can leave your phone plugged in overnight. It is not the end of the world if you don't unplug your phone the second that it is cha...

An Online Calculator That can Solve any Problem, Seeing is Believing (Click to See)

An Online Calculator That can Solve any Problem, Seeing is Believing (Click to See)

A platform that solves and simplifies all calculations and provides a step by step guide on how the calculation was solved right up till ...

List of 15 Top Productivity apps for your iPhone

TOP 15 BEST PRODUCTIVITY APPS FOR IPHONE The list below shows the best productivity apps for iPhone. You can easily do your to-do-list and...


How to apply for Canada Visa Lottery 2017 2018/2019

2018/2019 Free Canadian Visa Lottery Application Process – It’s a happy, good news for you, and the whole world that Canadian visa lottery ...

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Become a millionaire in tech using the 5 point strategy – Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson created Strategic Tech Investor so you could have a way to benefit from the latest, fastest-moving trends in technology.  H...