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Burna Boy Brags About Earning N15 Million Per Show With Stacks Of Dollars (Photos)

How to earn good money ($500 minimum/₦200,000 monthly) as an affiliate marketer for usa companies

Information is power. Your lack of money might make you think legitimate money cannot be made without the usual stress of going to work 8am-5...

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Exchange your dollar currency(wire/swift transfer) @rate higher than official rate here, see details

You can sell your dollars you receive via wire or swift transfer from abroad at a rate higher than the rate Nigerian banks will exchange it f...


Between swift/wire transfer and bitcoin(digital currency) money transfer, which is cheaper and faster

The world is changing everyday and new technologies are developed continuously to make living easier and effective. That is the reason I want you...


Zenith Bank: Easiest Nigerian bank to open a domiciliary account

Talking from my own personal experience, Zenith Bank PLC is the easiest bank to open domiciliary account in any of the Nigerian Banks. Incase...


Clustagram: Social Network platform like Facebook that pays users to Signup, posts, comments, reply and lots more

Clustagram is a social media network like facebook, twitter that does something differently from facebook, twitter. You basically get paid fo...

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Popular tools, applications, softwares to develop cross platform applications

Trending in the mobile application development world are cross-platform mobile apps. There are a great many tools and frameworks available for ...

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How to get output of a url for further usage in PHP

Assuming you have a url that returns a value that you will need in your php code, the php function (file_get_contents) help you to compute th...


How classy is your classified ad?

How classy is your classified ad? The Mariam-Webster dictionary defines the word “classy” as having or showing class: such as elegant, st... gmail logo

What you can do when you lost your Gmail password

Q. I forgot to the password to my Gmail account and also no longer have the “recovery email” account I specified when I created the accou...


Who are those behind Bitcoin (BTC) digital currency

Is bitcoin really decentralized? May be when it first started it was decentralized and have no control, but as of today, Personally, I think b...