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btc-ngn dollar to naira ngn per dollar in bitcoin for dollar to naira exchange rate payment bitcoin, luno,coindesk etal

BTC-NGN: A platform to monitor bitcoin price, exchange dollar to naira at a rate better than bank rate

Have you been looking for a platform to monitor bitcoin rate in dollar, search no more. Are you also looking for platform to exchange your... predict looks of somebody in years to come based on current image picture App that predicts how you will look like in some years to come via your current picture

  On Kueez platform, you can predict the looks of an image in some years like 10, 20, 30 years from now. See a sample below: To...

the nickzom empire home of calculation where to find solution to mathematical problems questions and answers

Nickzom empire: Home of questions and answers to mathematical problems

Have you been looking for a platform or app or website to easily find solution to mathematical, physics, and other calculation related proble...

barter virtual card service to do transaction online like credit-debit-atm-card-transaction ghana nigeria usa kenya

Barter: A virtual card that functions like your credit/debit cards(ATM) for payment anywhere online

'barter' card is a virtual card that you can use to pay for services anywhere on the internet. It works like your normal credit or debit card...


GetHelpWorldwide GHW updates as at 29th march 2017 on PH and GH

GHW updated it rules about PRovide Help PH and Get Help GH. For those with outstanding GH, it is the new PH that you put into the system that...

ghw-logo-image-symbol-identity-mmm-alternative-naijatech-answers website

How to calculate GetHelpWorldwide GHW returns for those that have pending GetHelp GH request

For those that have pending GetHelp GH request on GetHelpWorldwide GHW, the GHW admins have now created a means for you to calculate To ca...


How to hide your IP Address with VPN?

Why use a VPN? Your geolocation is exposed to the public when you use a real IP address provided by your ISP. Any website you ...

money bag pic

How to check if a Nigerian bank account number is valid

Incase you are not sure a bank account number is correct or valid, you can check if it is valid via the NIBSS(Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement Sys...


What is NIBSS – Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System PLC

What is NIBSS NIBSS is full named Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System. It is the platform that coordinates the connectivity of the Central Ba...