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image logo picture of website hosting company on the internet

List of popular websites/company to purchase domain name and hosting services on the internet

There are numerous websites, companies you can buy domain names like .com, .net., .org etc from on the internet. The below are the popular on...


Nokia to Release Android Phones by 2017

Nokia on Thursday, announced its intentions to launch android powered smart phones in first quarter of 2017. The HMD Global, which announced this...

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Have you ever wondered why web addresses are written in English?

Web addresses are like unique identifiers we use to locate and find specific website, document or file on the internet. But why are they in Eng...

how to,questions,what is image

How to successfully search anything in a blog or website

  As a website/internet user, there is always a need to search something on a blog or website. It is also important to know how to search...

facebook logo How to pay for Facebook ads how Facebook ads works

How to turn off notification of any facebook post

  Facebook notification about a post can sometimes keep you updated about a post and can sometimes be annoying. In this post, I will be s...


Adquet advertisement platform currently loads very slowly

*** As at the time of editing this post(15th August, 2016 8:58am), adquet now loads fine on every website that uses it. *** Incase you don't k...


How to advertise using google advertisement network

  To advertise your business, products, website and lots more with google, you need need to signup under the google adword platform. Wha...

facebook logo How to pay for Facebook ads how Facebook ads works

Does google, facebook, twitter, nairaland and other internet companies pay taxes outside their country offices

  Many internet based companies like nairaland, facebook, twitter, google make money in almost every countries of the world, what about pay...

how to,questions,what is image

How to quickly search a wordpress blog or websites

  You can search any content on a wordpress website without first visiting the website to use the search button. I will be showing how to...


Pay for adverts and earn in Naira using

  In my former post, I talked about Adquet platform where you pay for your digital advertisements and can also earn by publishing all in ...