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money dollars millionaire dollars pictures images tech money business money

Works/Ideas that brings in high earnings

I will be highlighting various works or ideas that make you earn high income below.   - Popular Sport: There is a lot of m...

money dollars millionaire dollars pictures images tech money business money

Security: Adverts unit already paid for vs Google saving card details

I will be talking about security around ATM card details whenever you use it online. Websites and online platforms uses two ways to ... logo

Platform where you can post ads and services for free

Have you been looking for platform where you can showcase various services you offer?, or Do you have something to sell and you don't wan...

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What is the meaning of Bail?

I will be writing about legal and court issues in this post. What is Bail? Bail is some form of property or tangible thing that a cou...

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Competition: Technov8 coding competition (promoted post)

Technov8 is a yearly event designed to gather some of the sharpest and brightest young minds in technopreneurship. This year's event...

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Types of digital advertisement

Digital advertisements involves two participant which are: The advertisers and The Publishers. See a quick illustration: NaijaTech is a...

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Types of earpiece/earphones/headphones

Based on what earpiece or earphones or headphones can do, they can be classified into two: -> Earpiece only for listening to soun...

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Why china products are important

China products are very important to various countries of the world. To some countries, it is a threat to their own products while so...

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Things you should be wary of sharing while online

When you are using online platforms like nairaland, facebook, twitter and so on, you should be wary of the kind of informations you sha...

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Latest App from NaijaTech: Write and Record android mobile apps updated 24th april 2017

I just had a dream, I grabbed my pen to write what I dreamt of, but I started getting things confused because it takes thinking to wr...