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Uju Stella lady that claimed Burna boy had sex with her and impregnate her picture

picture: uju, the lady that claimed to be pregnant for burna boy shares a very sexy picture

Do you remember Uju Stella? The lady who claimed BurnaBoy had sex with her and got her pregnant. It seems she was either lying abo...

of the hottest erogenousduring s3x or foreplay and you should also learn how to touch it the right way.  Breathe: Aggressive nipple stimulation is a bad idea so start slow and gentle, you might not even start with a touch you can just use your mouth to blow air on her nipple. “Play with your breath, you can blow hard through pursed lips to create a cool breeze, or get even closer and breathe open mouthed, which creates a warm breath, many nipples are highly sensitive to both touch and temperature, so as you are exploring try to notice how both your partner and their nipples are responding”.  Touch: “Think about a part of your body that gives you the most immediate feedback, and that may be the best part to start exploring nipples with, for some people that will be their fingers, for others it might be their lips or tongue, and for someone else it might be another body part so whatever you are using, start off with gentle touch”. Starting gently will give the body enough time to rise up to the stimulation, build up your speed of stimulation.  Your hands: “One way to start is to begin far from the nipple and move inwards, notice how the different skin feels, from the breast to the areola to the nipple, gently apply pressure and notice how different parts of the body feel under the skin, you can use a kind of circular motion or if you are using your hand and fingers you can splay your hand out gently across the br3ast and then bring your fingers together so that by the time your fingertips come together they are at the nipple”. “You can massage around the nipple, teasing the area and not touching it at all, creating much more stimulation around it before zeroing in on it,the area is sensitive, so touch from your fingertips will feel very different than a touch from the back of your hand, or your knuckles, or your elbow, if your partner likes the circular motion you can change it up by going from wide circles with a slow movement to much tighter circles with a faster stimulation, once you’ve got to the nipple you can hold it between two fingers or some other way and apply gentle pressure to it while rolling it back and forth”. There’s no one way to do it, so experiment and pay attention to what’s working for your partner and you are good to go.  Your mouth: “Following the idea of starting slow and building up, begin just by brushing your closed lips across the nipple, you can slowly open your lips so the nipples come into contact with your open mouth and at some point introduce your tongue, try using your tongue to play with circular and lapping motions, each will feel different for your partner, as the flat surface of your tongue has a distinct texture from the tip”.

Guys: 4 Creative ways to stimulate her nipples today

A woman’s nipple is one of the hottest erogenous zones in her body and as a guy, you should never ignore it during s3x or foreplay ...


How does remitano(bitcoin buy/sell platform) works

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Richmond Berks: A real estate investment platform that guarantees 1.6% returns every day on your investment

Our company has already been working in real estate auction market for eight years; you can trust us with your investments and be...

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First City Monument Bank(FCMB) provides the easiest method to open domiciliary account in Nigeria

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