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What is the difference between PAYPAL and BITCOIN online payment methods

PayPal uses existing standard encryption but not the immutable hash mathematics driven 252 bit encryption used on the Bitcoin. ...

The best 3 investment scheme for now are TA, CMA and RICHMOND BERKS

Incase you are yet to be informed. The 3 best schemes for now include TA,CMA and Richmond berks for those that need reliable investme...

education picture perspective in pictures images nigeria educational system


*NIGERIA AND HER USELESS EDUCATIONAL SECTOR.* ~If 2y(5x-7y) -6y X +6 = 45 find x.~ Yesterday i was in the sitting room watching a p...

boonbuy network platform to buy sell digital currency bitcoin trade withdraw at good exchange rate secure fast reliable

Boonbuy Network: Investment platform(not ponzi scheme) that pays you 3% of your investment daily for 90 days

Boonbuy Network was founded in 2013 as eCurrency exchanger, today it's one of the most reliable trading & eCurrencies services co...


HelpUnion Donation platform: Get 200% returns of your donation within 10mins to 10 days

If you had told 26-year-old Emeka that one day, he would be earning more from his online investments than he ever did from his salary, ...

48 laws of power by Robert Greene - Law1

You want to know about power and using it,Read and Download 48 laws of power by Robert Greene

This is one of the most powerful book in the history of the world. It is a compilation of various books, histories, experiences in the ti...

what is coinbase coinbase website portal url platform bitcoin btc wallet handler sell buy bitcoin btc via coinbase

What is Coinbase(BlockChain Alternative): Platform to manage bitcoin wallet, create wallet address, buy and sell bitcoin and much more

Coinbase is a secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency. Our mission is to create an ...

gethelpworldwide ghw evidence of being matched for payment 1000 naira ph 10 percent to get this on 11 april 2017

What I did that make GetHelpWorldwide GHW matched me to receive payment on 11th April 2017

As the below picture suggest, it is the matching notification to receive payment on the GetHelpWorldwide GHW xclusive portal/website....

btc-ngn dollar to naira ngn per dollar in bitcoin for dollar to naira exchange rate payment bitcoin, luno,coindesk etal

BTC-NGN: A platform to monitor bitcoin price, exchange dollar to naira at a rate better than bank rate

Have you been looking for a platform to monitor bitcoin rate in dollar, search no more. Are you also looking for platform to excha... predict looks of somebody in years to come based on current image picture App that predicts how you will look like in some years to come via your current picture

  On Kueez platform, you can predict the looks of an image in some years like 10, 20, 30 years from now. See a sample below: ...