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Bitclub Advantage: A business with multiple sources of income

Are you tired of being stuck in MLM because of inactive downlines??? Are you tired of platforms which will only pay you after you have referre...


This is the reason bitcoin price has been increasing in a rapid manner

For the past 1-3 weeks, bitcoin has seen a dramatic increase by more than $1000 USD per bitcoin from $2,900+ to somewhere around $4200+ as I wr...


Breaking! Bitcoin price now above 4000$ just fews days after it rise to 3000$

It seems after the bitcoin hardfork(split of bitcoin into two BiTCoin BTC and BitCoin Cash BCC) of August 1, 2017, bitcoin price has continued ...


BREAKING!!! Bitcoin price index rise to $3000+ dollars

The price of Bitcoin has jumped above $3000+ dollars sometimes around August 4, 2017. Bitcoin has always hovered around $2000+ dollars for the ...


How to store your bitcoin digital currency offline in hard drive or usb drive outside exchange platform like coinbase, blockchain

Popcorn time! Everyone make sure you get your bitcoin out of exchanges and have control over your private keys before August 1! Follow this ...


Experts Warns: Bitcoin may disappear or crash by August 1, 2017

Basically, it’s between the miners and the Bitcoin core team. Both want different things. Experts who are responsible for the popu...