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Zenith Bank: Why do you delay transactions from Thirdparty apps like Quickteller

For the past 2-4 months or thereabout, I have personally noticed Zenith bank delays any transactions on my account that is originating from t...


MMM is now taking time before it matches participants as of 13th August, 2017

A lot of mmm participants have been complaining of not being matched for several days after they have requested for help(Get Help). Today, I...

united states dollars usd hundred dollars 100 dollars bill note

These are the 7 denominations of the US dollars money currency

To a large number of people especially those that are based in the united states, the US ($)dollar currency denomination is known to them like th...

ghw-logo-image-symbol-identity-mmm-alternative-naijatech-answers website

GetHelpWorldwide finally crashes; What have you learnt?

It is no longer news that the ponzi website or money increasing platform popularly called GetHelpWorldwide or GHW xclusive or whatever it is ...

7 Ways To Tell If Your Campus Boyfriend Is Going To Be Rich

10 questions that could help you move forward when confused at a point in life

In 2011, after I discovered that I could live my dream life and put my footprints on the sand of history by working with my talents, I set ou...


Start investing on Questra World Holdings and get paid every week

Once again for those who are just joining. Take a look at a brief summary of what the company is about, the available packages and possible retur...


How to store your bitcoin digital currency offline in hard drive or usb drive outside exchange platform like coinbase, blockchain

Popcorn time! Everyone make sure you get your bitcoin out of exchanges and have control over your private keys before August 1! Follow this ...


Experts Warns: Bitcoin may disappear or crash by August 1, 2017

Basically, it’s between the miners and the Bitcoin core team. Both want different things. Experts who are responsible for the popu...


Where to download 7 hidden secrets of riches in this bad economy by Stephen OlorunNi

  "7 hidden secrets of riches in this bad economy by Stephen OlorunNi" is a very good business book that will make you start thinking and...