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How to apply for FIRS 2016 job/recruitment

  Federal Inland Revenue Service(FIRS) rolls out job positions for 2016 recruitments. To start registration, you will first create acc...

facebook logo How to pay for Facebook ads how Facebook ads works

Does google, facebook, twitter, nairaland and other internet companies pay taxes outside their country offices

  Many internet based companies like nairaland, facebook, twitter, google make money in almost every countries of the world, what about pay...


Why are people surprise over decisions of other people

  When another person commits suicide or kill themselves for example, many people are surprise of such action or event. That we sleep ...


What is domain name, How to get a domain name

  What is a domain name? Domain name is a string or letters to identify a computer or network resources on the internet. It is a strin...

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How to quickly search a wordpress blog or websites

  You can search any content on a wordpress website without first visiting the website to use the search button. I will be showing how to...


Reasons you can be temporarily banned by whatsapp

  Incase you are yet to be informed or not yet aware, Whatsapp can temporarily ban users from using Whatsapp if you are violating any...


Tips for chatting with someone for the first time online

  When you are chatting with someone for the first time online, you need to take care of some issues to have a successful communication. ...

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Latest charges when you use your ATM on other banks

  Whenever you use your ATM card in other bank ATM machine for at least 3times in a month, you will be charged N65 naira for that month. ...

august 2016 calendar pics

NaijaTech welcomes everybody to the month of August 2016

      NaijaTech welcomes everybody to the month of August. There is a weather term called "August break", but NaijaTech ...

facebook logo How to pay for Facebook ads how Facebook ads works

How to know another person date of birth via facebook

  Despite whatever you set under your facebook privacy settings as regards your date of birth, there is a simple way to know your date of...