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nigerian navy 2016 shortlisted candidates for recruitments

Nigerian navy 2016 shortlisted candidate list is out

  List of shortlisted candidate for nigerian navy 2016 recruitment is now released. Download the pdf document that contains the list o...


Five Stages of Idea acceptance

  Various concepts/idea that turned into reality today went through all sort of stereotyping, classifying, description and given a bad ju...


What is Diamond Y’ello Account (MTN mobile money)

  Diamond Y'ello Account (DYA) is a mobile money platform where you can do various financial transaction like withdraw money, send money...

dont compare pics

Why/Reasons/Benefits of branding or watermarking content

  Any content like image, videos, text that originates from you is advised to be branded or watermarked. Many bloggers, contents creator,...

gtbank logo

How to transfer money using ussd shortcode of GTBank

  The below reveals code to start transferring money from your gtbank account to other bank account without the internet. GTBank calls it...


The various digital ads dimensions and sizes

  In this earlier topic, "reasons/advantages of advertising", it describe various reasons you need to do advertisement. In this post,...

facebook logo How to pay for Facebook ads how Facebook ads works

Why do facebook management deletes a facebook group or page or seems inaccessible or not available

   Facebook management can delete a group at anytime due to some reasons most especially caused by violation of facebook terms and condi...


Short story: How I was implicated by old school friend

  An old school friend of mine named Ajayi called me on the phone one day that he has something he wants to show me. It is up to two year...


Why ideas are not easily accepted

  It is not easy to sell  ideas to other people whether it is a new one or already existing one. As human beings, it is not easy to just...

parent-children conversation image

Conversation between dad-son and mum-son

There is no one size fits it all in every human interactions. In this post, I will be showing conversation between a dad and his son and also a...