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picture showing male and female

Why people prefer to help, assist, give special attention to the opposite sex

  We all have our various reasons to give attention to the opposite sex more than our same sex in various human interactions. In this...


Do what other people say about you affect you?

  We all hear or say stuffs like "What others say about me does not matter", "fuck haters", "people are gonna be hating" and so on due to...


How to interact with police in Nigeria

  This topic will be discussing how to have a better deal or negotiation or outcome whenever you or loved ones or your other kinds of rel...


Story of my successful uncle who was not into business

  Everybody cannot be a business owner. This is a short story about my successful uncle, he never had any major business, but achieved...


Why are people surprise over decisions of other people

  When another person commits suicide or kill themselves for example, many people are surprise of such action or event. That we sleep ...


If I was a girl, what I would do and be doing

  1. If I was a girl, I would dazzle a lot of guys. 2. If I was a girl, I will always "catwalk" to draw everybody's attention. ...


What you don’t believe cannot kill or harm you

    Someone(A lady) was dropped from a big car and was accompanied with all kinds of gift and in few hours, died coughing blo...

how to,questions,what is image

When you ask too much questions

    Asking questions is absolutely good.   What happens when you ask too much questions If you keep asking questions ov...

social media reactions in pic

Social media Interactions: It may not necessarily describe reality

  What is social media? Social media platforms are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to parti...

brain teaser math quiz

Brain Teaser: First 10 correct answers wins recharge cards from NaijaTech

  Note: As at the time of writing this, 2nd August, 2016, this competition is now over. You can still drop your comments but its attracts...