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Why it is easy to hookup with someone from similar tribe/race

  If you look around, you will surely notice that it is popular to see people of similar race, religion, tribe, culture et al. to be marr... website logo

Attitudes of employees in government establishments

  Everywhere around the world, some job workers are in private establishments, and some others are working under governments establishmen...


Why the use of * asterisk sign on writeups, post

  You may be wondering why the use of the * (asterisk) sign on writings, displays, on tv, social media, comments, posts, and on all kinds...

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Characters and discussions around self confidence

  I know of someone that has more money than myself, but always grab the slightest opportunity to talk the bad side of other people. ...

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What are the features of a selfish character

  In life, you have to take responsibility for many things to succeed but in the same vein, life is not only about you.   To b...

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Reasons for your behaviours

  In various human societies, there are various kinds of behaviours. Behaviours ranges from popular ones that everyone can relate with, t...


Features of online and offline based businesses

  Online business is a business model that is mostly carried out online via the internet, computers and the likes, while Offline business...


Scam Alert 101: Scam alerts/signs on online platforms

  Online platforms, social mediums have been used and still been used to scam or fraudulently collect money and other valuable assets fro...

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Gifts I can present during festivities and celebrations

During festivities and celebrations, we exchange various gifts and presents to loved ones, colleagues, friends, neighbours, and other categor...

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Conditions to create innovative, knowledge driven society

Society don't just become innovative, knowledge-driven overnight, there are various factors that contributes this acheivements. In this po...