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How to successfully search anything in a blog or website

  As a website/internet user, there is always a need to search something on a blog or website. It is also important to know how to search...


How to advertise using google advertisement network

  To advertise your business, products, website and lots more with google, you need need to signup under the google adword platform. Wha...

facebook logo How to pay for Facebook ads how Facebook ads works

Does google, facebook, twitter, nairaland and other internet companies pay taxes outside their country offices

  Many internet based companies like nairaland, facebook, twitter, google make money in almost every countries of the world, what about pay...


Pay for adverts and earn in Naira using

  In my former post, I talked about Adquet platform where you pay for your digital advertisements and can also earn by publishing all in ...

logo for google alternatives.

How to quickly submit your web content to search engines

  Assuming you just made a post or created a content on your blog or website that people may need to quickly search about for example, "a...


How to reduce a website bounce rate

  Bounce rate It is the percentage of visitors that entered a website and then leave without checking out other pages or aspects of th...


Advantages of using Adquet to advertise your product

Adquet is a digital advertising platform where you can pay to advertise any product on the internet. It is right now a nigerian-centered plat...


Zoto promo: Get back 50% of every recharge of at least N100

  To enjoy this current promo, Grab Zoto app, register on the app and put referal code("ADEKOQ") under referal when you are registering. ...


2016 External WAEC: When will registration close

  The registration for 2016 external¬† WAEC has been opened for the past 3months and registration will soon be closing.   To s...


Importance of using social media to share blog post/content

  Sharing post/content on social media like google plus, g+, facebook, nairaland, and so on, not only make the post popular or reach more...