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money dollars millionaire dollars pictures images tech money business money

Why we convert public treasury to private use in Nigeria

  I earlier wrote about the attitudes of employees in government establishments. In this present topic, I will be discussing some reasons...

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3 reasons to use earpiece/headphones

  The below post outline the advantages of using earpiece 1. Clearer sound When you use an earpiece or headphone, you hear sound mo...

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Why you should advertise

According to, to advertise is to announce or praise (a product, service, etc.) using a medium of communication in order to induce ...

money dollars millionaire dollars pictures images tech money business money

Why you must avoid clicking ads on your app or website

Advertisement companies like google adsense or winthrillsnetwork warn owners of website, blogs and app that publish ads from their company agai...

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Why do females gather more attention than males on social media

These are some reasons why females get more attention on social media than their male counterparts. -> Demand and Supply: More men are a...

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How to make your blog or website load quickly vol2

Your website or blog site loading time will contribute to it success. Not every visitor may have the luxury of time to wait for 30seconds to 1m...

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Why you should have more friends or followers on social media

Social media have changed how we engage and do things forever. Examples of popular social media platforms are online forums eg

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How to unlock modem for any network carrier usage

I will be describing how to unlock modems in this tutorials. A modem is a device connected to a computer then connects the computer to the inte... pics of rooted android

What is the meaning of rooting android device

What is Rooting? Rooting is a process of allowing all kind of android device gain root access or administrator access or control over the an...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of minimizing on Windows

Minimizing opened application on windows Operating System (OS) involves putting the application in the background process of the computer by cl...

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