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I just had a dream, I grabbed my pen to write what I dreamt of, but I started getting things confused because it takes thinking to write, then, I remembered I got “Write and Record” app on my phone. I immediately started recording whatever I could remember in the dream via the “Record” button of “Write and Record app”, and I saved it for later use.

This is a short story about the importance of the “Write and Record app“.

These days, there are lots of information to interact with on a daily basis. Everybody needs an app (mobile app) that enables them quickly save any idea, thought, what to do whether in text format or voice recording. This is where “Write and Record app” comes to play. Write and Record mobile app enables you to quickly save or record anything quickly and you can later come back to view them or listen to them.

The below are some screenshot of the app

1. After clicking the “Record” button, and you are about to start recording voice.

save text save voice image

2. When you have already started recording voice.

save text save voice image

3. After clicking the “Write” button and you are about to start writing

save text save voice image

This app will definitely make you more smarter and make you remember your ideas and thoughts easily.

save text save voice image

There are 2 places to download Write and Record app:

1. You can download Write and Record app directly to your phone by clicking this link


2. Download Write and Record app from google playstore here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=naijatech.com.ng.writeandrecord and you can click on this link to take you to your playstore app directly market://details?id=naijatech.com.ng.writeandrecord


This app is developed by NaijaTech admins and updates will follow up as soon as possible. (This is the recent update, 24th April, 2017).


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