You can easily get your own P.O Box under the Nigerian Postal Service.

Advantages of having your own P.O Box

1. You can easily have access to your mail bag

2. You can easily fill your own address to receive mail via a website, letters, correspondence and other related means.

3. There will no longer be missing or lost mail due to discrepancy beyond your control while using other mail bags, offices, address as you will be the one maintaining your Mail box.

Topic: How to know postal code of any place in Nigeria

How to get your own P.O Box in Nigeria

– Walk to any Nigerian Postal Service Office anywhere around you, preferably the State headquarters

– Ask any of the worker that you want to get your own P.O Box or P.M.B as applied to your need.

– You will be given form to fill, fill carefully and submit it back to them so as to make them start processing your request.

– You will be asked some questions like “hope you are permanently resident in that state, town, area, location etc”, Of course, answer YES. This is to ensure your mail box will be running and not just remain dormant after sometimes incase you are no longer in that area or location.

– As at the time of writing this, to register new P.O Box, it cost about N5200 Naira.

You will also be charged about N2150 Naira annually to maintain your mail box.


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