advantages of using google platform for blogging over wordpress,tumblr others

Blogger platform owned by Google is one of the top software used to power blogs/websites on the internet.

There are many blogs examples that are powered by the blogger platform for example, linda ikeji blog is powered by blogger. One way to identify a website is that it normally have the “” as its domain name except the owner of the blog buys domain and then link it to the platform.

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In this post, I will be highlighting some advantages of using to power a blog

1. Unlimited space to post stuffs

When using, the website is hosted by google, so you don’t have to bother if you will soon use up your webspace or bandwidth space. Google takes care of that, so you can upload any picture, video, files and many more.

2. Cheaper to manage

Using is cheaper because both the domain name and hosting is done for you by google, as you just keep blogging and making the impacts. If you want to remove the attachment, build a brand name of your own and make google adsense to quickly accept your website, you will need to go buy domain name and then attach or link it to the blog.

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3. Better treatments by its Google owners

Since Google search engine is the owner of platform, they will better project their own website before any other website like wordpress so as to sell their own product. It means when you use, your content is likely to show first on google searches before others.

Ways to identify a powered website

1. The domain name usually have the at the end of the domain name e.g except the owner buys normal domain like then link up with the website

2. The url usually end with .html for example,

Disadvantages of using to blog

1. You don’t have total control of the website

2. Blogger template is difficult to work on on like wordpress platform that you can use to do anything.

3. Poor Search Engine Optimiation

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