advantages of using google platform for blogging over, tumblr others

WordPress is the most used software on the internet used to design blogs and websites all around the world. This very website is powered by wordpress. Most news blog/website like,,, and lots more is powered by wordpress thereby making wordpress to have numerous advantage over other software or platform to create a website or blog.

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The below highlights various advantages of wordpress powered website

1. Total Control

On self-hosted wordpress(i.e wordpress you host yourself), you have total control of your wordpress website. It looks, position of various items, the code, templates, themes and anything you can think of thereby giving you the opportunity

2. Best SEO settings

SEO means Search Engine Optimization which directly means various strategies that a website or blog uses to make sure its web contents is searchable via the various search engines like google, bing, ask and so on. WordPress gives it users a special section to set various words, words, questions that searchers will likely use in their search and then place it in advance for them so as to easily pop up a website.

3. Customizable anyhow

Like earlier stated, wordpress website can be customized to suit any purpose. If a wordpress user have knowledge of codes in php, html, css, you can go inside a theme and do lot of things to suit whatever you want.

4. Easy upload and download

Most entertainment uses wordpress to upload music files, videos and lots more because it can be done with ease. Also, web users can easily download files uploaded via wordpress without any problems.

5. Numerous supports and solutions from users

Because wordpress users are many, most problems encountered or will be encountered in the cause of using wordpress would have been experienced by other users, and solution already found. That is another advantage of wordpress powered website or blog.

6. Most popular blog software on the internet

WordPress is the most used software for designing a website or blog thereby providing ease and accessibility and even understanding from the end-user or web visitors. It has numerous plugins, tools, template that is both free and premium.

WordPress is simply the best.

Features to identify a wordpress powered website or blog

1. Uses wp in its links eg,,,

2. the url doesn’t end with .html but with the title of the post except when altered by the wordpress user.

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